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Video Clip Thailand

Deep Water Soloing
Matthias Schuler in action
Deep Water jump
Chicken island
Carsten on "Love for Travelling" 7a+
Ton Sai Roof
Jens on "The King & I " 7a
Thaiwand Wall
Ton Sai Wall
Carsten boxed with "Thai-boxing" 6b+
Muay Thai Wall
"Best Route in Minnesota" 6c
Escher Wall
Jens on 1 Pitch of "Burnt Offerings" 7a +
Fire Wall
Der zweite Tsunami Flut am 26.Dez.2004
Ton Sai Beach um 10:00
"Orange Chandeliers" - Ao Nang Tower / 03.Jan.2005
Peter Moll, Tino Kaubisch, Eva Christ, Carsten Klug
"Mafia Connectiom" 7c+ Ton Sai Roof
"Cafe Anderman" 7b - Ton Sai Roof
Sumie Kurita in der Aktion.




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